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Tissue Planet - Future Insights™ is the event that brings together the world's leading tissue producers with the technology supply chain industries to improve the environmental impact of the entire production line.

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Tissue Planet - Future Insights™ is an event organized by Toscotec, intended for paper producers across the globe and accessible by invitation only. A choice made to foster a focused discussion environment, facilitate participant involvement, and create authentic synergies


"Our goal is to open a constructive and stimulating dialogue about how to reduce the environmental impact of tissue production. Tissue Planet is the ideal opportunity to check where we are at."

Alessandro Mennucci
CEO Toscotec

"Positioning tissue as a sustainable provider of hygiene solutions is a combined effort. Tissue Planet opens the door for essential dialogue and exchange."

Carlos Reinoso

Director General European Tissue Symposium

"With innovative strength, comprehensive know-how and optimized technologies, we will advance sustainability in the paper industry. Tissue Planet is a great opportunity to discuss the future path of resource-saving tissue production together."

Andreas Endters

President & CEO Voith Paper

"It is no longer just a time for good intentions, the world is moving faster, and change is inevitable. We can either fear change and suffer the consequences or embrace change and the opportunities it creates. Sofidel embraces change for the better: we are proud to take part in Tissue Planet to share our increasing commitment to ecological transition."

Luigi Lazzareschi

CEO Sofidel Group

"I'm really looking forward to Tissue Planet and to meeting many people from the industry live on site. It's a great opportunity for me to share experiences with our partners and to discuss the future of the industry."

Martin Krengel


"Tissue Planet is a unique opportunity to have the best minds in the tissue field all in one room at the same time: we can't miss the opportunity to address them with challenges and ask them for concrete pledges."

Gianni Gambini

Board of Directors Executive Member Gambini

"After becoming the first company in the industry to produce tissue in a CO2-free production process using renewable hydrogen, and to produce high-quality tissue from agricultural waste, we are constantly driving innovation, with the aim of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. A truly circular society can only be achieved if there is integrated collaboration between all members of the value chain and Tissue Planet is a great forum to discuss how to progress together."

Donato Giorgio

President, Global Manufacturing Essity

"At MEPCO, sustainability shapes our industry's future. We're dedicated to eco-innovation and renewable practices to secure a greener tomorrow."

Sami Safran

President & CEO MEPCO

Tissue Planet
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Lucca, Italy
June 18-20, 2024
Tissue Planet - Future Insights™ is an event organized by Toscotec, intended for paper producers across the globe and accessible by invitation only.
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